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Flags stand as a symbol of pride and honor for most countries. Even though a flag is just a piece of clothing, it sums up a country’s legacy, and an important part of its history. The different colors you can find on a country’s flag describe the values and virtues that upholds and unite its country. For example the color Black often represents determination and ethnic heritage. Blue means freedom, vigilance, peace, and patriotism. Green can symbolize Nature. Red means courage, revolution and valor. White means peace, purity, innocence and sometimes, an act of surrender. Yellow often represents wealth, and justice. A lot of establishments have flags outside their buildings. These flags carry different purposes behind it. Aside from serving as a decorative accent, they also carry the brand and image of the company.

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Flags give an instant representation and summary of the culture and core values being adhered in the corporation. Sometimes, the flags can be used as a marketing tool in promoting a business. If you are to observe a flag outside a building, you can actually get a psychological impression of the company instantly, just by looking at it. Lastly, flags serve as an identity of the business. For most business entities, their websites serve as flags that signify the company they represent in the online world. Customers would be able to come up with different notions about the company by simply viewing its website. And currently, there are billions of flags waving globally across the internet right now. Some flags simply stand out from all the rest. Hence, it is imperative that a company’s website looks aesthetically pleasing and has the right color combinations.


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The Different Types of Flags and Their Meaning


A flag is a piece of colored cloth with one side tied to a pole or mast. The basic purpose of a flag is identification or signaling. Today, flags are used for messaging, advertising and decorative purposes, though there is no scientific difference between a flag and a simple cloth banner. Depending on the use of flags at a particular place, there can be different interpretations of flags.

National Flags

Different interpretations of Flags are:

Whenever the word flag is referred, the first and most popular use of a flag that comes to mind is National Flag. Not only it symbolizes your country but also gives a sense of belonging to you.

Swimming Flags

Swimming flags are a pair of red/yellow flags which are used to mark the limits of swimming area on a beach. To indicate that the beach is close, simply cross the poles of the flags. These flags are used in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the Philippines.

Sports Flags

– In American and Canadian football, referees use flags to indicate an error has been made in gameplay.

– In auto and motorcycle racing, flags are used to communicate with drivers. The most famous use of flags in this sport is a checkered flag of black and white that marks the end of the race.

flag unlimitedRailway Flags

Flags are used in railways as well. These colored flags carry the following meaning:

– A red flag indicates stop.

– A yellow flag indicates proceed with care.

– If a green or a white or a blue flag is hoisted it indicates proceed.

– In the case of emergency, a flag of any color if waved vigorously indicates stop.

– A blue flag on the side of a locomotive indicates that work is in progress and hence it should not be removed.

– A blue flag on a track indicates that nothing on the track should be removed or displaced. Only the person or group who placed the flag has a right to remove it.

Since flags are not visible during night time, lanterns of the same color are used as a replacement.

Navy Flags

Flags at sea can be the difference between life and death. In situations where there is no other means of communication and the ship is in a bad state, asking help in the middle of the sea becomes next to impossible. Here you can use flag signals to send the message across the other sailing ship.